Today magnitude of data generation and data complexity require bioinformatics methods, are essential to data integration, management and dissemination. Our bioinformatics team provides cutting edge research in the field of bioinformatics for delivering constructive information about biological composition, structure and function of molecules and organisms using Bioinformatics, statistics and Data Analytics.

Molecular Docking Studies
Protein-ligand docking, Protein-metal complexes docking, Protein-protein docking, Customised Virtual screening, Molecule databases screening,
High Throughput Virtual Screening (HTVS)
Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Protein stability studies, Protein ligand complexes, Protein Protein interaction studies, MMPBSA calculations, Free Energy Calculations.
Computer Aided Drug Designing
QSAR, Pharmacophore, Structure based drug design, Ligand based Drug design, Toxicity prediction, ADME property predictions.
Protein Modelling
Protein Homology modelling studies, Protein Fold recognition, Protein 3D modelling, Structure Validation
Target Identification
Novel target identification using Bioinformatics tools, Ligand based target identification, Finding functional proteins in the organism, Active site prediction.
Lead Discovery and Optimization
Lead molecule design for specific targets, Molecule library generation for the lead, Lead optimization by in silico methods.
Multiple sequence alignment
Protein sequence Analysis, Gene sequence analysis, Genome analysis, Protein Functional Analysis, Domain Analysis, Repeats analysis, Multiple sequence analysis.
Phylogenetic Analysis
Generation of phylogenetics trees, Evolutionary relationship, Bayesian Phylogenetics.
Bioinformatics Databases
Publicly available databases, Database Curation, Analysis of the data from various databases, Database preparations.
Qstatix Ph.D. Assistance Program (QPAP)

To pursue your Ph. D. in abroad/India, it is mandatory to light on your skills and clear your concept thoroughly on the subject. In this regard, Qstatix Pvt. Ltd is taking the initiative to provide PhD assistance for aspirants from Pharmacy and Chemistry disciplines. We we will make sure that there will be left no stone unturned to achieve your PhD dream successfully.
This programme was designed to progress your expertise in certain period, that leads to complete your application process in abroad/India. We assist you to find eminent supervisor in abroad/India for a wide variety of research domains. You can get support for the project proposal writing, resume preparation, application for reputed universities around the globe. In this program, will help you to develop necessary skills and knowledge of subject.

Highlights of QPAP
Scientific writing such as Project proposal, research papers, etc…
Privilege of working under the eminent professor
Assistance in PhD admission
Providing appropriate reference/recommendation letter.
Providing Experience letter /research trainee letter.

For abroad PhD
We have specialized team dedicated to find PhD in abroad.
Assistance to find PhD supervisor with our collaborations
Notifications and research labs information
Assistance in VISA process for various countries.

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