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What is Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

The massive changes in technology allowed researchers to work on NGS technologies, and in the past few years, the demand for NGS technologies is rapidly increasing. Next-Generation sequencing completely revolutionized genome analysis. We can sequence entire human genomes in one single day by using NGS technologies. NGS is a robust platform that enables us in the sequencing of millions of human genomes. NGS technologies are used in personalized medicine, Genetic Diseases, and Clinical diagnostics.

Why Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Amongst many advantages, current NGS technologies create high throughput for short reads. NGS can aid in early diagnosis of disease, which was not possible with conventional sequencing technologies and is robust in identifying mutations which were not identified using conventional technologies. With its whole genome, whole exome, whole transcriptome being sequenced at very low cost and with minimum errors, NGS is more reliable not only to detect and treat dreadful diseases like cancer, cardio vascular diseases, diabetes or neurodegenerative diseases but also rare unknown diseases. NGS enables re-sequencing analysis with reference genome (known reference genomes) or De-novo analysis if the reference genome is unknown.

Why Qstatix for NGS courses

We are one of the leading NGS course providers in India. As we are also offering NGS online training through online mode, it allows participants to attend Next Generation Sequencing classes from any part of the world. As a part of the NGS course, you will become an expert in DNA-Sequencing Analysis and RNA-Sequencing Analysis.

Features of the training
NGS training starts from the basics for the better understanding of the concepts.
Course Videos
We provide course videos to the students through E-Learning portal where any student can have access to all the videos of the course at anytime.
Experienced Trainers
We are having 10+ years of Research and Teaching experienced faculty for both NGS online training and NGS Classroom training.
Placement Assistance
We are having a dynamic team who regularly surf the internet for jobs. Once you enroll for the course you will be receiving updates on job openings.
Flexible timings
We at qstatix strive hard to provide best trainings to our participants, in order to make them feel much more comfortable, participants can come up with their own feasible timings to attend trainings.
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NGS Course content
Price : Rs.13,000 / 200 USD
Module – 1
DNA Sequence Analysis
Overview: Introduction of NGStechnology
Overview: Major applications, basic concepts and scientific breakthroughs
Sequencing alignment for NGS data
Data formats
NGS data visulazation
Basic concepts of DNA Sequence Analysis
History before NGS
Experimental considerations of DNA Sequence Analysis
Mappability,refined alignment and quality recalibration
Variant identification,variant prioritization and structure variation
Statistic genetics and its application in NGS data analysis
High-throughput reporterassay
Regulatory and ethical considerations in clinical sequencing
Module – 2
RNA Sequence Analysis
Overview: Introduction of NGStechnology
Overview: Major applications, basic concepts and scientific breakthroughs
Sequencing alignment for NGS data
Data formats
Basic concepts of RNA Sequence Analysis
History before NGS
Basic concepts of RNA Sequence Analysis
NGS data visulazation
RNA Sequence experimental considerations
RNA Sequencing alignment
Gene expression quantification
Differential Expression Analysis
Alternative Splicing and transcriptome assembly
Downstream Analysis
Features of the training
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