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Today magnitude of data generation and data complexity require bioinformatics methods, are essential to data integration, management and dissemination. Our bioinformatics team provides cutting edge research in the field of bioinformatics for delivering constructive information about biological composition, structure and function of molecules and organisms using informatics, statistics and data analytics.
We are
Protein modelling
Target Identification
Lead discovery and Optimization
Multiple sequence alignment
Phylogenetic Analysis
Bioinformatics Databases

Homology Modeling is a comparative modelling of protein 3D structure using a known experimental structure of a homologous protein. Structural information is always of great support in the study of protein function, interactions with ligands and other proteins.

Identification of the potential biological target for a disease is the first step in the drug discovery process.

Identifying the potential lead molecules for particular targets is essential in the modern drug discovery. Chemoinformatics plays vital role between theoretical and experimental drug discovery.

Provides evolutionary relationship and sequence similarity between multiple protein, DNA or RNA structures.

Study of the evolutionary relationship of species is known as Phylogenetic Analysis.We have a expertise team of Analyticals who will be continuously associated with this type of Analytics.

Storing biological data in proper format helps you to extract valuable information to apply in drug discovery and personal medicine.