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Qstatix is enthusiast to establish and maintain collaborations with academics and industries in finding accurate solutions to imperative industrial problems by providing new insights for their product analysis and design.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect the world with informatics data networks, and deliver a need of the hour solutions with novel data analytics and producing qualified human resources.

Our vision

To provide best services to our clients and building scientific skilled world with our digital messengers Quantum, Quadratic and Qualitative in simplifying Big things.

Our Philosophy

We believe in partnering with you to create an integrated marketing effort. You’ll get the benefits of a team that listens. A team that is creative and experienced. 

About Qstatix

Qstatix providing high quality Bio/Chemo-Informatics, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Bio-Medical Data Analysis and Biological Data Analytics services along with training based on industry needs. We offer the services in the fields of scientific consultancy and mobile applications development. We also extend class room and online mode corporate training with our proficient expertise team.

Our training programs spread in the areas of Bioinformatics, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Aided Drug Design, Project Assistance,  scientific writings and Biological Data Analysis.


Our Services into

Data talks to you

Analytics Consulting

With the mounting importance of data analytics and its role in improving business, Qstatix has been solving key challenges various organizations face when adopting business analytics. Qstatix bridges this gap between creation & consumption and not yielding the finest business by integrating data analytics. Over the past few years the analysis results are implemented for industries including Retail, Banking, Healthcare, Social Media, Supply Chain & Telecom.
By providing industry-specific solutions which enable businesses to maximize their business, increase customer satisfaction, and maintain competitive advantage.

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Qstatix has state of the art infrastructure, including lecture labs, hardware and software, majority of our faculty are Industry Professionals and Corporate Trainers, we judge our success through our ability to provide the highest-quality services, weekend courses for working Professionals strong industry collaboration with a separate Center for placements, strong focus on skill development thereby helping in placements is our key belief, our courses are designed by industry experts to keep you ahead of the curve in industry best practices, we are focusing the training with minimum fees by which a student should not face much difficulty.

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Mobile Application

We develop mobile applications just not only with an simple idea or our expertise, but in the view of consumer needs and enterprises. We develop android and iOS apps for you to access your business, which are user friendly, flexible applications, customer centric and performance oriented. Our creative and expertise team will work closely with your concept & requirement to develop your business ideas into exhilarating apps.


  • I definitely recommend QSTATIX for their commitment in training and great comprehensive courses to any beginner interested in learning immersive Data Science and bioinformatics. Students will get benefit from trainer’s vast experience and invited talks by established scientists in facing real-world projects.

    Data scientist
  • I recommend Qstatix. The course content, training and environment are perfectly combined to end up with excellent background basics in Data Science makes the student intellectually active and ready to work for any company. I found Qstatix has expertise in focused training in diverse courses and as part of the knowledge transfer, I experienced very useful the advices from the instructors in the course of interview simulation.

  • I leveraged by Qstatix in finding real time training and their thought provoking sessions to learn emerging tools and techniques. The quality of the course content, excellent mentions of key relevant analytics concepts and applications and impeccable delivery of teachings are something that makes you a perfect data scientist.

    Neeraj Panday
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